CHEERS to UR Security for its excellent service to the UR community. Unarmed officers work in the face of potential danger day in and day out to keep those at the University safe. Further, Security responded quickly and efficiently to concerns about communication and has done excellent work keeping the University updated and informed about both on- and off-campus safety issues.

JEERS to UR Parking Services for their massive mishandling of the new Rochester City Ordinance which outlawed booting. Not only did they blatantly break the law by continuing to boot cars for almost a full year, they also made no attempt to make amends with students by contacting them to let them know refunds would be made available.

CHEERS to River Campus MERT for the professional implementation of their vehicle. Their improved service to the University is greatly appreciated by all.

JEERS to the Registrar’s Office for implementing online course evaluations. While we recognize the need to modernize, asking students to complete the evaluations during their own time could prove to decrease participation in a very important feedback process.

CHEERS to the work on the construction of the UHS Building. The building has been built surprisingly quickly with minimal interference for those who live and work on the River Campus, despite being located in a very central and high-traffic area.

CHEERS to the Fraternity President’s Council for their initiative in writing the Fraternity Bill of Rights; hopefully this document will serve to increase communication and respect between the fraternities and the University, UR Security and each other.

JEERS to Students’ Assocation government leaders for not putting out a single issue of their monthly publication, the SA Chronicle, so far this semester. Students deserve to be informed about the workings of their student government, but this semester, surprisingly little has been done to that end. Only one Presidents’ Advisory Council meeting took place, very few e-mails were sent and it took half a semester to see any minutes posted. Neglecting to put out the Chronicle is just another drop in the bucket.

Latin American Studies department resolution passes SA

SA passed a resolution supporting the creation of a Latin American Studies department after hearing speeches from seven student advocates.

Trend Watch: the return of indie sleaze

Indie sleaze is the antithesis of perfection, and in the hyper-filtered world we live in today, it makes sense why this anti-beauty aesthetic is back. 

Hard work can’t beat talent… or can it?

Talent is not what most people think it is. The good news is that most of the people we think are talented are actually just really well-disciplined, and we can learn to do the same.