UR Wireless is the service that keeps most academic buildings, the library and freshman dorms connected to the Internet – a laptop can connect to the Web even in the middle of the Eastman Quadrangle. However, this service does not span the entire River Campus.

Some of the black spots on the wireless coverage map are over upperclassman housing. Although all freshman housing is covered by UR Wireless, Southside Living Center, Anderson and Wilder Towers, Tiernan, Lovejoy, Crosby, Burton, Hill Court and the housing on the Fraternity Quadrangle are left out of the coverage – unless lucky enough to have a personal wireless connection set up by a resident.

Students gain a lot from this wireless access. In the wake of the recent construction being done to create a collaborative workspace in Rush Rhees, working and learning with your peers is clearly something considered very important. But many students choose to work together not in the library, but instead in the common rooms of dorms. However, those areas remain uncovered in upperclassman housing. And, with the creation of the Web portal, where many professors are putting their coursework, doing work is becoming very closely tied to having constant Internet access.

Our peer institutions recognize the value of campus-wide wireless Internet service. Emory University, Case Western Reserve University, Brandeis University, Carnegie Mellon University and University of Chicago all have completely wireless campuses, including all residence halls. New York University, while it does not have complete dorm room coverage, does have common rooms equipped with wireless Internet in every residence hall.

More than a year has passed since UR Wireless expanded into all freshman dorms. The progress has since seemingly come to a standstill. Even if there is a plan in place to finish the expansion to include all dorms, it is just taking too long. When almost every other comparable school has full wireless, what are we waiting for?

It’s time to finish the job UR Wireless started, by expanding this technology to all corners of the River Campus . Wireless Internet is a very important service to provide to all students attending classes in any building and living in any residence hall.

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