CHEERS to the Facilities workers who cleared our walkways of snow this semester. They have done an incredible job keeping the paths around campus clean and safe for everyone despite the volatile Rochester weather.

JEERS to those involved in the Varsity Club Cards program. This was touted as a way to boost student attendance at UR sporting events, but has virtually disappeared since Spirit Week. Improving attendance is still an important issue that VSAAC and the Students’ Association should work on, but in the future they cannot let such a program fade away.

CHEERS to the student body for once again voting in the CT’s SA Presidential and Vice-Presidential Endorsement, Alvin Lomibao and Janna Gewirtz. It is our hope that they will continue to strengthen the SA’s connection with both the administration and the student body.

CHEERS to the three Goldwater Scholars and the numerous Fulbright Scholars from UR. These awards speak not only to the accomplishments of the individual students, but also to the reputation of UR as one of the leading academic institutions in the country.

JEERS to the Office of Residential Life and the housing lottery. It is deeply inefficient to give the most housing points to those who aren’t guaranteed housing while simultaneously promoting off-campus options. Further, denying the freshmen who were put in crowded housing an extra half-point not only fails to recompense them for their current situation, it also puts them at risk of being assigned less-than-desirable housing two years in a row.

Finally, it is with heavy hearts that we CHEER everyone involved in the candlelight vigil to honor those students who lost their lives at Virginia Tech on Monday, and to President Joel Seligman, Dean of Students Jody Asbury and Dean of the College Richard Feldman for their words of sorrow and reminder of the support services on campus.

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