The Students’ Association Senate chose its new leaders this past Monday. Senator and sophomore Harrell Kirstein was appointed Speaker of the SA Senate, with former Elections Chair and freshman Jennifer Principio being named Deputy Speaker.

Kirstein has several plans for the Students’ Association, although they are generally aimed at internal management.

According to Kirstein, one major goal for the SA in the upcoming year is to increase integration between similar student groups.

“This will help spread resources more effectively and aid in large-scale programming,” Kirstein said.

One problem that Kirstein addressed is keeping the amount of funding on par with the increasing number of student groups.

“It’s only become more of a problem with [the classes of] 2009 and 2010 – the enrollment in groups skyrocketed, and we didn’t get a relative increase in the budget of Students’ Association Appropriations Committee for the student groups,” Kirstein said.

He also looks forward to teaming up with Principio.

“I think she’s a really well-qualified person. She works very hard and puts in as much time as necessary to get the job done, which is something I admire in a Deputy.”

Kirstein will take the place of outgoing Speaker and sophomore Hallie Cohn, while Principio will take over for Deputy Speaker and junior Dan Fisher.

Cohn believes Kirstein will do a fine job being Speaker, but will miss the position.

“I’m going to miss working very closely with all the senators and getting to know what each of them is interested in pursuing to make the campus better,” Cohn said.

Brenneman is a member of the class of 2009.

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