Located at the corner of Park and Oxford in Downtown Rochester, Park & Oxford Caf and Delicatessen is the perfect place to get a delicious sandwich and espresso. Hidden in the charming neighborhood of Park Ave, this adorable deli offers possibly the best buffalo chicken sandwich ever and a warm and inviting atmosphere.

I discovered this quaint eatery last semester. My friends and I made it a Friday lunch ritual to go down to Park & Oxford for food then Java’s for coffee. Especially on those cold fall days, Park & Oxford was a great cozy place to spend the afternoon.

When entering the restaurant, there are steps leading down to a dimly lit orange room with high wire chairs and a fully stocked deli. It feels like you are walking into a basement only it’s a restaurant where the atmosphere is generally laid-back and friendly.

The crowd always varies. Some days I would see other UR students eating lunch, sometimes construction workers on their breaks; other times it is a bustling lunch spot for professionals in the city.

The menu written in chalk above the deli counter provides endless possibilities for customers. For the everyday UR student living on club meals and Blimpie sandwiches from the Pit, Park & Oxford is a haven. They pride themselves in using the finest Boar’s Head Brand, which should excite any sandwich connoisseur. Meals are assembled quickly, right in front of you. Lines only form because people can’t seem to choose between the infinite options laid out before them.

I generally prefer hot sandwiches and the buffalo chicken sandwich towers as one my favorites. It comes with freshly sliced warm Boar’s Head brand buffalo chicken, mozzarella, lettuce and tomato, with a side of blue cheese dressing and Frank’s Red Hot on a grilled roll. Let me just say, it is to die for.

For those vegetarians out there, they have amazing options as well. The Mozzarella Pomodoro is prepared panini-style, with tomatoes grilled with extra virgin olive oil, basil and garlic, topped with lots of mozzarella cheese, goes perfect with a cup of soup on the side.

All sandwiches come with kettle potato chips and a crisp dill pickle. They deliver it right to your table and employ the honor code, letting customers pay after they eat.

On the rare occasions when the sun makes an appearance in Rochester, I would opt to sit in the outdoor caf, people watching as I eat. Despite the scarcity of this occurrence, it is always nice to have the option to sit outside.

Certainly a gem among the places to eat in Rochester, Park & Oxford is the perfect place to catch up with friends, grab a quick bite or to have a leisurely lunch date.

Han is a member of the class of 2007.

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