It’s finally Friday and you’ve survived a presumably long, hard work-filled week. You and your friends are talking about what to do for dinner. You’ve eaten lunch and dinner at the Pit every day this week, so that’s out. Douglass isn’t even open and there’s no way you’re risking having to leave a party early because of a sudden bout of food poisoning, so Danforth – no thanks.

Now that the question of dining on campus has been eliminated, the next step is to think of possible delivery places. Chances are by now you have it narrowed down to ordering pizza or the bland Chinese lo-mein and eating on the floor while watching sitcoms, but everybody deserves to get off-campus and be reminded of the real world. So, if you feel like treating your appetite, I suggest you take yourself to a little restaurant called Flavors of Asia.

The name of the restaurant gave me an indication about what kind of food I would be dealing with, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a menu that extended far beyond General Tso’s chicken and deep fried egg rolls.

A common dilemma when deciding where to eat is agreeing on a place. There’s the “Hearty Appetite” friend – which is really a euphemism for eats everything on her plate and then half of everyone else’s. There is the “New and Adventurous Food” friend who had you poking and prodding your $32 foie gras in the trendy new French restaurant downtown last week. You also can’t forget about the “Health Nut” who refuses to eat anything fried or battered.

Flavors of Asia has something for every kind of palate. A large part of its appeal comes from the selection of Chinese – including Dim Sum – Vietnamese and Thai food. The portions are large enough to share with Hearty Appetite, the menu has enough options for New and Adventurous to find something novel and there are many light, fresh options for Health Nut. One can still find the traditional American Chinese dishes such as sesame chicken – which, by the way, is very tasty. To top off the meal, I encourage you to consider a Chinese baked good for dessert, such as the sesame balls or taro buns.

Located on 831 South Clinton Avenue, the small dining room allows for relaxation and attracts a multitude of diners, from families to dates to the lone patron wanting a calm place to enjoy some good food. When Friday rolls around and you’re about to hit the speed dial for take-out – I know it’s programmed in there – hang up the phone. To expand your palate, hop in the car and head to Flavors of Asia. It will be sure to satisfy Hearty Appetite, New and Adventurous or Health Nut.

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