It?s time to watch a great dance performance to help out a cause. D-motions, the Radiance Dance Theatre and the Ballet Performance Group will be putting on a show this Saturday afternoon.

All proceeds and donated canned food items will be going to benefit Foodlink, an ongoing project to help impoverished people.

These three UR groups will be putting on a series of different dances in the May Room of Wilson Commons at 4 p.m.

D-motions will be showing off a new dance called ?Chichimon,? and both the Radiance Dance Theatre and the Ballet Performance Group have new pieces up their sleeves that they are eager to show the audience.

The show is called “Dance Cubed” and will cost $3. However, if you bring a canned food to donate to Foodlink, the cost of the show will only be $1.

Be sure to go to the May Room and see this exciting show. It?s a great opportunity to see three of UR?s best dance groups on campus working together to create a great performance.

Not only does it promise to be an entertaining evening, but it?s for a great cause!

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