The interior of a pickup truck, parked along Intercampus Drive Friday night, was damaged when a fire was ignited inside the passenger cabin. UR Security officer noticed the fire at 1:29 a.m. and called the Rochester Fire Department who extinguished the fire.

As fire fighters were investigating the vehicle to make sure the fire was completely out, they observed a cylinder shaped item that resembled a small bomb with a fuse remaining in the vehicle.

Rochester Police Department responded to the scene and removed the item from the car. They don?t know why the explosive device inside the truck did not detonate. If it had, they hypothesized it would have broken all the truck?s glass and caused more interior damage.

The owner of the vehicle was identified as a UR student who was called to the scene. He reported parking and locking his car at 8:30 p.m. He remembered leaving the rear sliding window slightly cracked.

Security believes someone unknown opened the window of the truck and tossed in the lighted device, Lafferty said.

There were no injuries and the damage was contained to the truck?s interior. The vehicle was towed for further processing.

Lafferty encourages anyone with information regarding this incident to call security investigators at x35021.

Student followed to campus

A UR undergraduate student reported to security early Saturday morning that an unidentified individual in a pickup truck followed them back to campus from Jefferson Road.

Security observed a pickup matching the student?s description and an attempt was made to stop the vehicle, but the driver refused and left campus at a high rate of speed.

Officers obtained a license plate number and an investigation is to follow.

Styrofoam fire outside SBA

An anonymous caller notified security of something burning outside of the Susan B. Anthony Residence Halls Friday night.

Security officers responding to the call located two UR students standing near a piece of burnt styrofoam. The two students told officers that they had observed three unidentified individuals flee from the area and that they had put out the fire shortly before the officers arrived, Lafferty said.

?The information from the students did not check out properly and further investigation into the matter is under way,? Lafferty said.

There was no damage or injuries reported.

Man viewing pornographic Web

Staff in Carlson Library notified security Sunday that there was an individual they believed was not affiliated with the university viewing pornographic Web sites on UR computers.

Responding officers located the individual and found he was not affiliated with the university. They warned him not to return to the property and escorted him off campus.

No report was filed with the RPD.

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