From: Robert Swier, Class of 2001 442-9533

Last Saturday, my girlfriend and I were walking south from campus along the west side of the Genesee River. Along the way, we enjoyed noticing the rivilry between the UR and RIT crew teams as expressed by their grafitti on several of the bridges we passed. However, when we came to the I-390 bridge,we saw something rather offensive. Painted in our school’s colors, on the east side of the bridge, facing the water, are the words “Violate them…UR Crew”.

“Violate them”? I can only assume that this is a call to the UR crew team to defeat and conquer their rivals as though they were raping them. Rape is a serious and offensive act, and ought not to be evoked in such a way.

I suggest that members of the UR crew team head out the bridge and paint over this message as soon as possible.

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