There are few men out there who really know how to cook. There are even fewer who know that if you put a piece of bread in the container, the cookies will stay moist. Ray is one of these rare men.

He never forgets a birthday and will always tell you if your outfit looks good. But most of all he always has that perspective you need to solve your problems or little known advice you didn?t even know you needed. He is the Toucan Sam to our Fruit Loops.

Ray is the glue that holds this office together with a smile and for that we will always be thankful. Here?s to another 25 years, and then a UR sponsored retirement in Miami.

A secret that cannot be told

When you lose a part of yourself, it never really comes back completely. I didn’t time travel when I played anymore.

The catchphrase “I’m not racist”

Nowadays, it seems like anything you do can be, in some way, shape, or form, “racist.”

Latte art in Rochester: Ugly Duck Coffee

Van Grol finds that the best place to go when you’re in a new place is the coffee shop. “I think that's my tidbit. If you're traveling or exploring somewhere new, find a coffee shop and ask the people working and,how to explore their cities and towns and places.”