The end of the semester is upon us and with that comes the typical reminiscing about the past year. Now we?ll mention some things that we noticed, but did not delve into with our editorials.

CHEERS to Residential Life for allowing coed groups to live in suites with doubles. Residential Life has been adapting to the changing housing situation as problems arise, and this was a welcome concession to upperclassmen for the loss of singles due to freshman housing.

JEERS to the Dance Program for spending the time and money to renovate the dance studio and not allowing any of the student dance groups to practice in it ? not to mention removing the barres and mirrors so that it is a less functional room. What?s the point of a brand new studio if almost no one can use it?

CHEERS to the cultural organizations on campus for providing so much quality programming this spring. Campus life is enriched by the availability of programming by such diverse groups as the Spanish and Latino Students Association, the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Friends Association, the Black Students? Union and the Association for Development of Interest in the Indian Subcontinent, among others.

JEERS to the racist and bigoted individuals who have been vandalizing our campus in recent months. Their thoughtless actions harm the entire community and endanger our tradition of being able to paint the tunnel that runs under the Academic Quad.

And for special interest housing we shed a TEAR. Due to freshman housing many special interest floors are having trouble filling their floors without the customary freshmen. This has already led to the demise of the Foreign Language Floor ? how long before others follow in their path?

I want to be obsessed again

I desperately miss teenage obsession. There is something so exhilarating and precious about our deepest infatuations from when we were young teenagers.

How to lose a child

I don't know how to properly lose a child. My option to grieve was taken from me as easily as my child was. 

Freshman SA members elected, confirmed

Eight newly-elected first-years were confirmed to the Students' Association Senate and Class Council on Monday.