From chair-dancing to 3 a.m. chats in the Pit, from copy-pen wars to agonizing over the length of headlines, it really has been fun. This has been a great experience, although the lack of sleep has definitely taken several years off my life! To Em, my partner in crime from the beginning: we made it! Even though it has been trying at times, I?ve had some of the best times with you, and I never would have had been part of this if it hadn?t been for your encouragement and support. So thanks, and love always! To LFK: You were a great friend to have in the office and out of it ? even though we never did make that Moon Beams trip! Remember going to Charlotte and the funny sand ? I wouldn?t have made it through that summer without your friendship. To Dave S.: Keep Jersey pride strong at CT! Good luck with your multitude of future plans. To Thomas: You are a funny little man, I?ve enjoyed getting to know you. To Todd: I?m so proud of the freshman Em and I found! You?ve really done a wonderful job, thank you for all your patience last year. To Cecilia: I know Security Update will never be the same without me, but maybe you?ll finally find a writer who can remember when it?s Wednesday!

Lost in translation

Once every few years, I got a taste of what it feels to be an outsider in my own culture, peering in. I was a girl lost in translation.

‘Girls of Riyadh’ explores love and discrimination

"Girls of Riyadh” was such a delightful read that truly opened my eyes about a different culture and the shared experiences of women around the world.

Research at Rochester: Bajaj tackles political campaigning and engagement

Sophomore Gautam Bajaj has always been interested in making a difference in people’s lives. In middle school, Bajaj was a member of Model UN, keen on understanding the relationships between societies and within the international world.