It took a group of UR students two years and an intense passion for lacrosse to finally see competitive action last weekend.

The men traveled to St. Bonaventure College to compete in a two-day round-robin tournament that included St. Bonaventure, the Rochester Institute of Technology and Buffalo State University.

?It was the first time that a men?s lacrosse team from UR has played a competitive game in over five years,? junior club president Brian Kowalski said.

UR played strong but only went 1-2 in the tournament. The men lost 3-1 to RIT, beat Buffalo State 5-1 and lost to St. Bonaventure 7-6 in overtime.

Sophomore Eli Cabanas was an outstanding offensive leader with four goals and one assist. Other scorers included sophomores Dan Deming, Grant Gager and Aaron Evans who dropped two goals and two assists each.

The defense was also a major contributor to UR?s solid performance.

Senior Dennis Schmidt dominated face-offs all day long, while sophomore Adam Simmons made crucial saves in all three games. Kowalski, along with sophomore Joe Spilman also provided strong UR defense.

?Although we did not have as much depth as some of the other teams, we clearly won more ground balls than the other teams because of solid team speed and athleticism,? Kowalski said. ?The way the team played unmistakably signaled that men?s lacrosse is back at UR.?

The men?s lacrosse team is an informal club sports team is comprised of about 20 students who practice about two or three times a week.

During the last couple of years, Kowalski has tried to revive the passion for men?s lacrosse here at UR.

Due to the increased interest in the last couple years, Kowalski has formally submitted a proposal to elevate the club into a varsity sport.

?The last couple years we?ve finally been able to get the ball rolling, and next year, we will enroll into the National Collegiate Lacrosse League,? he said. ?It?ll be a great organized and competitive setting.?

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