One of the ways UR students find a sense of escape is through the study abroad program.

Study abroad locations such as Arezzo, Italy and Cairo, Egypt have beautiful scenery and are not covered with snow for the most part of the school year.

Therefore, there has been a contest organized to bring us the best of what students experience when studying abroad.

The annual study abroad photography contest will be in the Common Ground Caf April 13 through the 22nd. The display will be diverse.

The contest will be open to all study-abroad students and UR international students.

Students will be able to submit up to three entries, which will be judged by a jury of their peers.

Students who wish to submit photographs can turn them into the Center for Study Abroad office in Lattimore 206 until April 11th.

Each photograph will have a $3 entry fee, which will cover the cost of matting.

Make sure you take a peak at the picture display in the Common Ground Caf of the different urban images and the cultural scenery in other countries.

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