Registration at this university can be a tedious and stressful event. One possibility for improving this is online registration. Implementation of such a technology would not only smooth out the academic year for students but it would also keep us on the forefront of integration of technology into student life. The issue of voter turnout must also be addressed. Voter turnout is generally extremely low. While respresenting you I would like to work towards better communication between senator and constituent in an effort to encourage greater attentiveness toward who is representing you and the issues each represents.Next year Towers will have a large population of special interest groups as they are moved about campus to make space for the freshmen in the quad. As a member of the Music Interest Floor, I am familiar with the issues, such as recruitment, that are facing these groups because of the changing residential life in the university. I feel very strongly about the needs that are arising. As a senator, I would like to not only ensure that the voice of these groups is heard, but I would also like to encourage a greater measure of cooperation between these groups

Stop saying sorry

From a young age, I was taught to apologize when I did something wrong. But why am I apologizing for something that isn’t my fault?

College Diversity Roundtable discusses conduct policy changes, Bias-Related Incident Report, world events messaging

The College Diversity Roundtable discussed code of conduct changes, the upcoming Bias-Related Incident Report, and administrative messaging about world events at their first meeting of the year.

I want to be obsessed again

I desperately miss teenage obsession. There is something so exhilarating and precious about our deepest infatuations from when we were young teenagers.